your shoppers' behaviour

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Collect, Analyze, Visualize, Discover

Four easy step to improve your business

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Understand attractiveness

of windows and displays

Your shop window is your business card. Optimize it with our tools

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Boost your Business with DataCream technology

DataCream helps you to know your shoppers in the most discreet way.

Understand how they move around, how loyal they are, how frequent they visit your store, even if they don't buy.

DataCream DataCrunching system:



Powerful Big Data Analytics

Our integrated system collects data from a multitude of inputs, finding shopping patterns and behaviours. Contact us to discover the best installation for your shops.

Use It Anywhere

Watch live data from your stores, wherever you are. Catch new shopping trends and react promptly with the next winning activity.

free updates

Every now and then we will release new feature and algorithms. You will be able to use them as soon as they become available. No extra installation, no loss of time. It is just there. Use it.

Add our devices

Our data collector devices allow you to unveil new data hidden in your store. The more devices you connect the more information you can gather from your customers.

Integrated with your systems

DataCream platform is able to connect with existing surveillance systems, people counters, cash machine and other enterprise systems. The more data you connect the more value you can extract from it.

Enterprise API

DataCream platform allows you to integrate it with your existing analytics software, to explore even more opportunities within your enterprise.

 People Counting

Count people with high precision at the entrance or any other passage you think it deserve attention. You can use your existing system or use our intelligent people counting device. Collect data in realtime and display all the relevant KPI in seconds.

Discover pattern and improve your store's efficacy.

Integration with existing systems

You don't need extra budget for DataCream. Our systems is able to connect with the most common existing systems such as Video Surveillance Systems, POS, Warehouse management systems, People Counters and much more...

Product And Selling Area Efficacy

Inside your store you need to place every product and fixture in such a way that the path-to-purchase is maximized. Use DataCream technology to discover which products are the weak sellers and which one are the most engaging one. Reorganize your store layout and compare their efficacy. Unveil new data direcly from your store.

Chain Ready

If you have a chain than DataCream is the product for you. With DataCream system you can compare every dimension of your stores and discover hidden pattern. You can easily export data in spreadsheets or directly into your data analysis tool to further investigate on data collected. You will be able to find hidden Best Practices, promote them along your chain and compare the effects. 

Shopper Base:

Discover demographics and taste of your clients, also of those that don't buy. Get all the relevant data you need to propome effectively your product and deliver the right mesagge to the right audience.

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Shop window efficacy

Your shop windows are the business cards of your store. The more actractive they are the more clients may be willing to enter. Use our system to discover passage flux, people demography, path-to-purchase conversions, window and product actractiveness, engagement, marketing campaign efficacy, and much more...

Shopper Activity map

Up to now it was impossible to know how people behave inside the store, only physical inspection was possible. With DataCream technology, instead, everything is ready on your pc in real time. Discover how people move, into the store, which are the preferred path. See which one are the most engaging area. You can also see the path of your customers differentiating buyers from non-buyers with age and sex distinctions.

Staff Optimization

Everyone knows it: without staff, you won't sell. DataCream helps you to balance correctly staffing with demand, by proposing changes on shifts and by discovering possible new best practices. Discover in matter of seconds when you are under/over staffed and take the right decision based on concrete data.

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