Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Version valid since 25/01/2015

This text summarizes all the privacy policies concerning DataCream SRL products and services.
The main purpose is to explain how DataCream SRL manages customers' data.

What we do

DataCream SRL offers a set of products and services used by retailers to analyze what happens within and around their stores. Through our services, customers have the chance to use several devices to collect information about their activity.
When our customers ask us to provide the service, we collect data on their behalf, giving both the chance to share the data with us and to have exclusive access.

What do we store

Our platform supports the analysis from several data sources. For example, our customers are able to correlate data collected using our devices with their own loyalty programs, point-of-sales records, purchase data, staff data, etc.

Service Details

DataCream SRL uses the MAC addresses of the smartphones to detect the position of the devices, return rates, new shoppers, etc. However the MAC addresses undergo through a unidirectional encryption procedure before being stored, making it impossible for DataCream to rebuild it. Furthermore, the customers have the "opt out" clause, see dedicated chapter.
Data coming from cameras are used by DataCream SRL to determine the most frequent paths within the store physical spaces, and to use data for statistical purposes (gender, age, etc.), aiming to provide to our customers useful marketing information to create better stores' layouts and better products.
Our Wi-Fi hotspot service is usable by the customers through the acceptance of an informed consent and, where appropriate, registration. The data required for the registration may change depending on our customers' needs (terms and conditions, consent to be contacted for marketing purposes, etc.). If needed, information about the web browser used, the type of device, the operating system, etc. are automatically collected and shared with the retailers.

Data sharing with customers

Our customers have access to most of the data collected on their behalf. Their usage of such data is regulated instead by their internal policies and privacy management.


Once data are received by DataCream SRL services through the sensors deployed by our customers, the information are encrypted with the state of the art in IT security. When our customers operates on the platform, they are responsible for the maintenance of the security and privacy of the data.

Compliance with law

We can save or share information belonging to our customers if this is required by the law, upon a specific request by legal authorities or to protect security, assets and rights of DataCream SRL or third parties.

Data access, correction, deletion and opt out

Should anyone want to access, correct and delete data concerning him or herself, s/he can contact us through the information in the contacts area. Providing that you give sufficient information to identify the user and a verification of your identity, we will use our best effort to comply with your request if this is required by law.
It is possible to cancel the collection of own data by unsubscribing from the connection of the guest WiFi network provided by our customers.
It is possible to rescind from parts of the service (for example the position identification) by sending a specific request through the contact area.
When asking for the "opt out", we will blacklist your MAC address, so to exclude it from any future collection of data.

Change in data controller

Should DataCream SRL be involved in bankrupt, fusion, acquisition, restructuring, societal form change, or selling of assets, the information in its possession might be sold or transferred as part of the transaction. The applying privacy policies will be transferred to the new data controller, including the right to rescind from the service as described above.

Data for marketing purposes

DataCream SRL collects email addresses of those who communicate with us through email, aggregated information on the access to web pages, and information willingly shared by the visitor to improve the content of our web pages and the quality of our services.
When you purchase or evaluate our products and services it might be needed to provide information like your name, the name of the company, the email address, the invoicing address, and credit card information. We will use these information to identify, authenticate and contact our users and for other purposes, like the research for the improvement of our products.
The collected information will be shared or sold to third parties for commercial purposes, but in cases explicitly required by our customers, when we have a consent or in the other cases described in this policy.

Modifications and contacts

Sometimes it is necessary to modify our privacy policies, to be updated with new functionalities, with new regulations or for any other reason. In this case, a new version of the document will be published in this page. In case of doubts or special needs on our privacy policies, let us know through written contact, with the information that you find in the contact area. We will reply as soon as possible.


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