Shoppers' Activity Maps

Shoppers' Activity Maps

In the shop the paths studied for the customers and the store layout are two of the most important factors to encourage the product purchase
DataCream can help to study how the customers' flows actually work, showing in graphical form maps with the main metrics provided by the system (e.g., walking time, dwell time, engagement rate, quality of the exhibitions, conversions rates, etc.).

How it works

Using appropriate cameras developed internally or using already installed closed circuit cameras, the algorithms created by DataCream for video processing will be able to literally show the paths of the customers inside the store, highlighting with clear "heat maps" the areas with higher traffic, higher dwell time, etc.

What can you discover?

DataCream offer visual maps to understand how customers are moving around in your store, in particular identifying:
- Areas with higher visits
- Areas with higher products engagement
- Areas with higher dwell time
- Areas with higher conversion (between visits and purchases)

All these information will be useful to improve selling and pricing strategies. The system can help you to answer to questions like:
- What is the customers' flow within the store?
- Which are the "hot" areas where persons stops more frequently?
- Which are the areas in which persons purchase more?
- Which are the areas with higher traffic?
- Are there any area with few visits?
- What is the difference between the flow of the purchasing customers and the flow of the non-purchasing customers?
- How strategies and changes I made modified the store flows?

Products and Fixtures Effectiveness

Plan the paths within the store based on the effectiveness of the products. Improve items' visibility and conversions.

Customers' demography

This tool shows path changes based on sex and age, and it helps to organize the store layout to optimize it for every customers' segment.

For the Chain

It is possible to compare the revenue from different stores and discover how the "super-performer" are able to sell more and better to extend the best practices to other stores.

Integration with existing systems

Associate all the available information on sales to the fixtures' and products' effectiveness, and discover the conversions.

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